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maintain, maintain on - retain possession of; "Am i able to hold my aged stuffed animals?"; "She held her maiden name after she married"

In prosperous black colorblock, with Carbon Fiber design inserts about the Invoice, and back hat strap. Also incorporates a subtle "AMG" embossed emblem on black buckle at the rear.

    The gods needed to be dressed at the same time. This was the duty of a small range of priests permitted to enter the holiest of holies, wherever the god's statue was. Nesuhor, commander of your fortress at Elephantine beneath Apries, took care the temple of Khnum experienced the many servants important to provide the wants of the god: I appointed weavers, maid-servants and launderers to the august wardrobe of The nice god and his divine ennead.

connect - choose non permanent possession of like a safety, by lawful authority; "The FBI seized the drugs"; "The customs brokers impounded the illegal cargo"; "The law enforcement confiscated the stolen artwork"

    Animal skins, earlier mentioned all leopard skins, were at times worn by monks and by pharaohs in their part as very first servants of the god. These types of outfits have been found in Tutankhamen's tomb and were depicted really usually around the partitions of tombs. Occasionally kings and queens wore attractive ceremonial clothing adorned with feathers. Creation

Numerous sufferers with other ailments complain of weak spot; nonetheless, when questioned closely, they really signify that they are drained, wanting breath, or depressed as opposed to get more info struggling click here from correct muscle weakness.

    The manufacture of clothes was apparently typically Females's work. It had been normally performed at your home, but there have been workshops operate by noblemen or other Gentlemen of usually means. Product of weaving website Girls at a horizontal loom, excerpt

modest - minimal or inferior in station or top quality; "a humble cottage"; "a lowly parish priest"; "a modest person from the men and women"; "modest beginnings"

retail store - an electronic memory gadget; "a memory as well as CPU sort the central Section of a pc to which peripherals are connected"

The gap involving the element (which has to obtain its outdated babbitt melted and scraped out) and also the mandrel designed up the mould into which babbitt was poured.

(= unimportant, insignificant) → klein; current, sum → klein, bescheiden; worth, consequence → gering; some tiny matters/complications → ein paar Kleinigkeiten; being of no smaller consequence → nicht unbeträchtliche Folgen haben; This really is no smaller make any difference → das ist keine Kleinigkeit; that will help/lead in a small way → bescheidene Hilfe/einen bescheidenen Beitrag leisten; to begin in a little way → bescheiden or klein anfangen


The notion that inhabitants strain drove migration to Iceland continues to be unsupported within the tutorial literature.[9]

Unquestionably love that vehicle. You can find so couple down in SA. I used to be lucky more than enough to shoot one particular at a vehicle display a couple of minutes in the past. Evidently I ignored all one other autos there. I also just bought the hotwheels 1 a handful of months in the past but in blue. Fantastic article Sean. Appreciate The placement.

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